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The Ealing Animals Fair is organised by Thinking of Animals CIC
Although the information given here is, to the best of the organiser’s knowledge and belief,
correct, the organiser reserves the right to make alterations and amendments, as necessary.
All presentations by the speakers will be given in the Church. Some of the poetry readings may be in the Main Hall as well as  the Church and will be decided on the day.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Programme of Presentations for 2022.


Please note that this programme may be subject to change.

Make sure you don’t miss out!

There will be lots of stalls arranged over several rooms/locations – make sure you visit them all.

Timetable of Presentations given in March  2022




11:00am -

Jo Humphreys


Becky Dharmpaul

Title:  How we can all live kinder

Becky is Campaigns Officer with FOUR PAWS UK. Becky will be speaking about many of the FOUR PAWS campaigns, including animal-friendly fashion, ending the dog and cat meat trade, animal-friendly travel and ending the illegal puppy trade as well as several other topics.

Throughout the day there will be short poetry readings either in the Church or the Main Hall by award-winning poets Cheryl Moskowitz and Jeri Onitskansky. The poems will be particularly relevant to the talk that has just taken place.

Cheryl is a poet, novelist and facilitator of writing for children and adults. Jeri is an American-born Jungian analyst based in High Barnet. She won the 2012 Ledbury Poetry Competition and her poems have appeared in Poetry Review, Ambit, Magma and other journals.

Depending on interest, they will also offer a time of reflective writing/an informal poetry workshop.

11:45am -

Jo Humphreys

Save The Asian Elephants (STAE)

Duncan McNair

Title:  Save The Asian Elephants and its work: The Animals Abroad Bill

Founder and Chief Executive of award-winning Save The Asian Elephants. Duncan is an eminent lawyer and a popular, inspirational speaker determined to stop the abuse of elephants.

12:30pm -

Jo Humphreys

Dogs On The Streets

Michelle Clark

Title:  tbc

Michelle founded the multi award-winning charity, Dogs On The Streets, which works with rough sleepers and their dogs.

1:15pm -


Kerry Smith

Advocates for Animals

Sam March

Title:  tbc

Sam volunteers as a paralegal for Advocates for Animals, a non-profit law firm, and the first law firm in the UK to specialise in animal protection. Independently from this, he is a practicing criminal barrister. He will be talking about how Advocates for Animals uses the law to help animals.

2:00pm -


Kerry Smith

Chris Wicks Wildlife Rescue (CWWR)

Chris Wicks

Title:  Chris Wicks Wildlife Rescue: From Dream to Reality

Chris founded the very busy and much-needed Chris Wicks Wildlife Rescue centre in Rickmansworth

2:45pm -


Kerry Smith

Help in Suffering

Jack Reece BSc, BVsc, FRCVS

Title:  Animal Welfare in India:
The work of Help in Suffering

Jack is an award-winning veterinary surgeon who has been working with the animal rescue charity, Help in Suffering in Jaipur, India for the past 24 years.

This programme may be subject to change.